Friday, June 8, 2012

Google Glasses

Google is currently working on a pair of glasses, codenamed Project Glass. The video below is a teaser demonstrating some of the capabilities that the user will be able to take advantage of:

I had an idea on an advertising campaign for these glasses that I believe would really capture the essence of Google and the product itself. 

Slogan: “Your Journey, Our Lens.” I also considered adding, “Google Glasses, Let’s See Where We Can Go”, at the end of that slogan.

The commercial(s) would be of a person(s) visiting any monumental and/or remarkable place around the world. As we sit peering through the users' Google Glasses at these marvelous creations of man, we are reminded that there are two amazing man made creations that we are seeing. The Google Glasses begins to bring up information on the sites, the person snaps photos, or they video share their sight with the people they wish were with them. The elegant design of the Glasses allows for the features to decorate the screen without ever deterring the user from the beauty that lays before them.  Looking at these sites of human perseverance and accomplishment, there is no denying how far we have come and how much farther we can go. Great creations are ones that change the sands of times, and catapult us further than we once knew we could go. We begin to envision a new world through Google's Lens. 

 I think some good places would be the Pyramids, the Great Wall, and the Eiffel Tower. These are perfect sites to represent human achievements that have shaped our world into what it is today. These colossal creations were created by our predecessors to elevate mankind to new heights, and that is the heart and soul of Google's products. They create tools for our use, and these tools make us better in every sense of the word. Instant access to information, recording of what you are seeing, or simply just reminding you someone's name. Treasured memories can be recorded, and brought up in the blink of an eye. The potential for a product like Google Glasses is enormous, as is the potential that it can unlock in you. As the people in the advertisement stare through their Google Glasses at these society-changing landmarks, the audience is left with this feeling of something greater. That we can strive for greatness, and with the appropriate tools, we can get there.